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Fierce Lane

Zodiac Fierce Denim

Zodiac Fierce Denim

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All pairs are vintage or thrifted ♻️ 

I hand bleach in a 3 step bleaching process, then hand paint all with fabric dye. 

Each left leg has frown faces and negative symbols. Each right leg has smiley faces and plus signs. This embodies my constant desire and inspiration to turn each negative into a positive- always. 

Each pair also has lightning bolts and the letters ‘FL’ standing for Fierce Lane! 

Each colorway represents a different Zodiac sign:

Aquarius & Pisces- Hues of Blue

Aries- Hues of Red

Taurus & Gemini- Hues of Green

Cancer- Hues of Purple

Leo & Virgo- Hues of Orange

Libra- Hues of Pink


Sagittarius & Capricorn-  Hues of Yellow


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How do these run?

True to size for chest measurement, but arms run long/baggy for a cozy fit!

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