The Fierce Lane is the path less traveled.
To accept that you are not fearless- is what makes you Fierce. Fear isn't real. it's a mindset. What makes us Fierce is what takes us to the FIERCE LANE - a new path, our own paved way- with faith, love, positivity. Feel fear? Do it anyway.
 Despite the hurdles, despite what challenges us, we continue to live life in this Lane.
The FIERCE LANE was created to inspire you all to be brave, determined, strong, and creative. The FIERCE LANE is where you can be comfy, classic, yet stand Fierce in any crowd.
Why stay in the same lane as everyone else? I created my own lane- it's a FIERCE LANE.
FIERCE LANE embodies Streetwear, classic pieces and ego-friendly shopping (slow fashion) merged into one brand to put your Fiercest look together while using recycled and or curated looks!
FIERCE LANE is Woman-owned, and operated out of the smallest state in the USA - Rhode Island, 401.
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